Eczema Bar


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Cleo’s Goat Milk Soaps Eczema bar gives you an alternative¬†to get clean, while helping you to heal. The birch tar oil, along with the combined essential oils mixed in with the soothing Goat Milk base has proven to be very helpful with eczema and other skin irritations. The birch tar has a musky burnt aroma with a smoky woodsy undertone that many find appealing, and others say it smells “like medicine”.. It has been known to help treat eczema¬†and other skin irritations for many of our customers. It acts as a natural exfoliator by sloughing off dead skin and tones new skin. We also recommend our Cleo’s Goat Milk Eczema Lotion to use in conjunction.
Ingredients: goat milk soap and birch tar


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