These testimonials may not be typical and we make no claims as to our  goat milk products effect on health.

Donna — I couldn’t get relief from my spring and summer scalp itch. I’ve used prescription shampoo and many store brands for scalp itch and none worked plus they stink. I started washing my hair with the Whispering Willow goat milk soap and no more head scratching. Love it.

Shanna — My husband and I bought some of the Pain Away bars for his back. I lather it up on a rag and leave the rag on his back for about five minutes and he feels better. I haven’t had to give him a massage since I bought it last month!! Love, love, love these soaps!!!

Julie —  Omg no joke this soap is unbelievable. Makes my skin feel amazing and makes me happy. I will never buy harsh soap again. Cloe’s Goat milk soap hands down all the way!!

Suzanne — Debbie sent me a bottle of your lotion for Eczema to try on my son’s feet. My baby has bad Eczema on his feet and legs that causes his skin to peel, crack, and bleed. I have used your lotion for only three days and the results are incredible. The skin on his feet is smooth and soft. He said the lotion also helps with itching. I have bought all kinds of expensive lotions and prescriptions and this has worked better than all of them. Whatever formula you have is magical. Thank you!!

Lisa —  I am in Love. My face felt so good after the very first time I used the facial soap, I will never be without this soap. It smells so fresh too used only twice and my face feels like it has needed this, feels really good, I cannot wait to learn more about the soaps and Oils. I am a customer forever.