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Eczema Bar

Hi! Thank you for browsing through our online store. We are happy to make available our many different handmade, organic, natural, essential oil enhanced, goat milk based & plant based soap bars, goat milk lotions, moisturizers, & pain relief lotions. In each of our soap bars, we target all skin types with the right essential oils. Normal to dry skin, flaky skin, oily skin, and skin conditions such as: psoriasis, eczema, poison ivy, and general skin irritations caused by LIFE.
Why Goat Milk? Goats milk is known to have a PH that is similar to the human PH, therefore, it helps in protecting our skin. Why Essential oils? They are proven to work within the soap, moisturizers and lotions to get the results commercial soaps and body washes just can’t provide. Our Eczema Soap and lotion is a combination of goat milk, birch tar, and added combination oils. For anyone with dry aging skin, try our Patchouli moisturizer, it will not disappoint you.We offer other moisturizers that will do the same for you if you have dry skin and are not particularly fond of Patchouli’s woodsy aroma. The moisturizing benefits of goats milk surpasses that of any commercial brand soap or lotion due to the natural benefits in the goat milk, and leaves out the MANY carcinogenics (cancer causing ingredients) that most every store bought soap and body wash contain. What goes on your skin, goes IN your blood stream and internal organs.
We at “Cleo’s Goat Milk Soaps” are ” Fur Friendly” as we offer a specialty Dog Soap that is great for your dogs skin and fur!

handmade organic goat milk soap